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Working through your thoughts and feelings can be very challenging and it’s better when you have someone there along the way. Choosing a therapist may be one of the most important decisions you can make in your journey of self-improvement. If you live on Long Island, please take a moment to learn how Lia can help you. There are many ways to conduct therapy, but what is most important is having a safe space for you to explore your life, find solutions and gain a sense of healing.

What makes it a safe space?

It starts with making it judgment-free! Her training in numerous therapy approaches has provided Lia the ability to help you look at and explore aspects of yourself and your life and guide you towards the positive changes you’re seeking. In addition, she helps you reduce the judgment you may place on yourself during the therapeutic process, allowing you to be more objective and focused on taking the steps towards a better life.

Imagine Your New Self


The Bravest and Most Important Thing You Can Do Is Just Show Up.

– Brene Brown

These are the insurance plans Lia work with as an in-network provider. By being in-network, this helps alleviate the financial cost of therapy. However, there are other payment options if you do not carry Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna or Magnacare plans.

Please contact the office to discuss your options.

They Say Talking Always Helps…

Lia offers a free 15 minute consultation to help you decide if she is a good fit for you. With the form below, you can share briefly share how you would like her to help. Also, please leave your availability for the best times to contact you.

She looks forward to offering you support.

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